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Tough week end

Hey there.

I had a very busy week end working on Shaco. Still preparing the looong page about Hallucinate and Clone, a added a couple more tests / illustrations to some specific techniques.

Escpecially for my new technique : BOB / Boxing Outside Brushes (didn’t managed to get the Y / youpiwaza). Well technically you can also box wherever the boxes doesn’t have vision to abuse fear, but hey, it’s still pretty cool. I had a couple more videos but LSI bugged, so I gotta do them all over again x’)

Regarding HOW / Hallucinate Over Walls, I still didn’t figured it out.. But I watched the replay at slow motion speed, and I think we can work something out. Maybe not the perfect technique (I still believe this is mostly random spawn placement), but might improve it a litlle.

Also introducing a new playlist, in order to test that Shaco’s Hallucinate can really dodge almost anything in the game. I’ll complete the footage on the run :)

And finally I’ve updated pages : a couple a tests I needed to re-run are now done.

Voila voila, le baguette*


8 thoughts on “Tough week end”

  1. Do you plan on updating this? It’s nice info that’s helped a lot since i started up on him recently. I could try to help if needed but i don’t know how much help i can be.

    1. Hey there.

      Sorry for the loooooong reply.

      Sorry I haven’t played in a while (stopped LoL because of the toxic community, and then my graphic card crashed and I can’t afford to replace it :’)).

      As this website is a wordpress, I could let you contribute easily if you’re still interested. Cheers

  2. Yo ! I was searching for some advanced tips & tricks for Shaco since he is my favorite champion by far and your blog is perfect for that :)

    Too bad he is a bit of a niche champion and I guess most people just play or watch streams and don’t have an interest in whatever mindgames you could pull off.

    Well I just wanted to say I managed to pull a YHST with lvl 5 clone yesterday and it worked wonders :3
    It was a countergank bot and I got a triple kill and the best message ever “wtf hacker” (but seriously I’d think the same).
    I’ll probably record and upload some videos trying to pull that off again.

    Anyways it’s too bad you didn’t post for some time but I already learned many things (and in fact I’m super happy much people don’t know these tricks 😉
    If you’re still into League and Shaco Pink Ward made some mindfucking tricks recently and I’m sure some of them can be done in jungle !

    Thanks for all the tips anyways !
    “How about a magic trick?” makes sense now :3

    1. Hey there.

      Thanks a lot, I’m glad this blog can help Shaco’s wanabees, even if it’s only a couple.

      Yeah the main problem with Shaco is team comp, in queue 80% peoples takes 4 squishies, meaning that i’ll end up with amumu/mao/heca/shyv and barely play Shaco if I don’t intalock him, which is sad..

      ‘Grats on YHST, it’s hard to pull off and has tons of disadvantages depeding on enemy champions you’re facing, but with some practice it’s so effective. Especially if you do it twice with the same clone x’)

      Sorry for not maintaining this blog, despite I still follow some note patches (shaco’s clone update, yay!). I’m planning to buying a new pc in the next month (got to go to Download & Hellfest for nextweekends, I’ll see after..) and might come back to LoL, but not as hard as before.

      If you’re looking for some good Shaco players, I’d recommand Beautiful korean (dk if he’s still playing but some replays are available on youtube & twitch), also Shaclone who sometime pulls out some tricks (but I don’t really like him x’)). If you’re interested I’ll dig some other names from my old notes.

      Cheers, and thanks for the encouragement :)

      1. Hehe strangely the most interesting Shaco player imo is Pink Ward, even if he plays ap top he has some nice ideas with the kit.

        Beautiful Korean was the first shaco player I followed haha, I don’t know if he still plays Shaco though, but he was really interesting to watch.

        Shaclone relies more on positionning & awareness than mindgames I think. He still did a funny thing not long ago, he ulted the same time a Lee kicked him, he was still kicked but his clone popped mid way and intercepted Lee’s Q, quite surprising haha.

        Most shaco players I know have stopped or slowed so if you have some other names around I’m interested !

        Bon week end et bon festivals haha :)

        1. Yeah pink ward has some interesting mechanics (ex: R, then TP + homeguard, then Q as he comes & clone runs to the enemy) but he’s mainly top, where I don’t think Shaco can shine as often as in jungle. Looks pretty cool in a montage, but even if you pay attention his score isn’t always as bright as his plays.

          BK I loved him because his google stylesheets with all Shaco’s interaction are great, and same for his build orders depending on gold on return. Also at some point he was twitching himself watching fans replay and commenting good & bad moves. Very dedicated.

          Shaclone I don’t really likes him, for several reasons. Most of the time his best moves rely on luck (in my opinion), he hasn’t digged nearly as half of Shaco’s potential.
          Plus when I watched his stream he seemed toxic as hell (perma instalock, perma muted everybody, always swearing, raging, etc.)
          Not to forget that when he’s laning he get extatic to go to like 3/1 because the jungler perma-camped him ; but he can’t see he has like 20 minions to 120.
          I just don’t like him x’)

          I don’t have any recent names, sorry ^^’

          Le merci, je te ferai signe si je me remet à LoL #baguette

  3. Hey, congrats for the site, i learn sooo much about Shaco, some deep tips&tricks that i never see, i hope u keep going someday, and get back to League, anyway, tnks!

    1. Thanks.

      My laptop is currently been repaired, I might go back for some casual games around early July.

      Cheers. If you found other tricks/hints/leads/builds don’t hesitate to come talk here 😉

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