Tough week end

Hey there.

I had a very busy week end working on Shaco. Still preparing the looong page about Hallucinate and Clone, a added a couple more tests / illustrations to some specific techniques.

Escpecially for my new technique : BOB / Boxing Outside Brushes (didn’t managed to get the Y / youpiwaza). Well technically you can also box wherever the boxes doesn’t have vision to abuse fear, but hey, it’s still pretty cool. I had a couple more videos but LSI bugged, so I gotta do them all over again x’)

Regarding HOW / Hallucinate Over Walls, I still didn’t figured it out.. But I watched the replay at slow motion speed, and I think we can work something out. Maybe not the perfect technique (I still believe this is mostly random spawn placement), but might improve it a litlle.

Also introducing a new playlist, in order to test that Shaco’s Hallucinate can really dodge almost anything in the game. I’ll complete the footage on the run :)

And finally I’ve updated pages : a couple a tests I needed to re-run are now done.

Voila voila, le baguette*


Updates about the blog & the youtube channel

Busy today for my channel today : I updated the way it display (it’s way better now, and actually looks like a real channel :)), and also the background and the avatar (which matches the background :O) !

Thanks to the amazing artist who created this image (dk who you are :x), provided by Riot.

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I got to work on the blog too : I published both pages for the W Jack in the Box & E Two-shiv poison. Have a look 😉

R Hallucinate will be huge page, and I hope to release it during the week end, or more likely in the beginning of next week.