Shaco / Backstab

Passive / Backstab

Shaco / Backstab Shaco deals 20% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind with his basic attacks or abilities.


Some words

In my opinion, one of the most underrated passive in League of Legend.
People often doesn’t realist how much damage 20% represent, but it’s a lot, especially when it is used on both Auto-attacks and skillshots, and with some practice it isn’t has hard to proc has it seems.

By comparison, the last offense mastery Havoc grants only 3%.

For example if you should hit at 500 damage, the use of backstab would add another 100 free damages. Hit a 1000 and you got 200 free damages.


Shaco’s passive work if your target is facing the opposite direction from the location of the source of the damage when it applies.

This is good to know, especially for E Two shiv poison. If the projectile is lunched as the target is facing you, but then the target turn and the projectile land in his back, it will proc the Backstab.

Note on the “back”. At first i thought it would work on a ~90° window, but it works on a 180° window, which means you got more room that what you would actually think to land your Backstab.

What works

According to LoL wiki :

Works on

  • Auto Attacks
  • Q Deceive
  • E Two-Shiv Poison
  • Critical Strike

Doesn’t work on

  • W Jack in the box
  • Summoners spells (Smite, Ignite, etc.)
  • Activated items


Tested by myself  // Note to self, do a fresh test, esp. for W

  • Auto Attacks ✓ 4.19
  • Q Deceive  ✓ 4.19
  • W Jack in the box ✓ 4.19
  • E  Two-Shiv Poison ✓ 4.19
  • R Hallucinate
    • Clone Auto attacks ✓ 4.19
    • Clone explosion / Need to test
  • Critical strike / Need to test but IMO yeah
  • Tiamat / Hydra ~ 4.19
    • Chinese Jester says that both active & passive will procs the mechanic depending on the closest location between you and your target and use it to determine the result.
    • I didn’t test it enough to corroborate/disagree
  • BTRK active  ✘ 4.19
  • Statik shiv active ✘ 4.19


Use it, abuse it. Use clever placement with your Q Deceive. Shaco’s kit has a free flash + invisible for 3.5 seconds. Don’t tell me you couldn’t position well 😉

If an enemy player is click spamming – thinking about mid ganks here – and his champion can’t stand still for a second, just drop a box way behind him (~flash range). The enemy champion now has to deal with your box and you on top of him.

3 possible cases

  • Enemy flashes out in the box and will be feared, allowing you an easy backstab, yay !
  • Enemy flashes out safely, Flash wasted, yay !
  • Enemy runs away from you, revealing his back for a free backstab, yay !


Backstab the jungle creeps all the time, As much as you can. Has it might not seem huge, especially early game, I can assure you that everything count.

Since the new summoners map you can’t dance around the jungle creeps and get backstab on most AA. Most new monsters just turn around too quickly :/

  • Use Q Deceive to position well, and enjoy a 20+% crit if you got enough mana
  • Use your W Jack in the box to make the bigger creep face the opposite direction
  • Use the target champions only to position perfectly without spending any mana (How to below)
  • Don’t forget to Backstab drake & Baron

Target champion only positionning technique

Go to your Options > Hotkeys > Abilities & summoner spells > (scroll down) > Add a hotkey to “Target Champions only”, I recommand mouse button 3.

Keep the mouse button pressed and right click : you can now walk freely without proc-ing the jungle monsters aggro.

Some credits to RedmercyBishu for this last technique 😉

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