Tough week end

Hey there.

I had a very busy week end working on Shaco. Still preparing the looong page about Hallucinate and Clone, a added a couple more tests / illustrations to some specific techniques.

Escpecially for my new technique : BOB / Boxing Outside Brushes (didn’t managed to get the Y / youpiwaza). Well technically you can also box wherever the boxes doesn’t have vision to abuse fear, but hey, it’s still pretty cool. I had a couple more videos but LSI bugged, so I gotta do them all over again x’)

Regarding HOW / Hallucinate Over Walls, I still didn’t figured it out.. But I watched the replay at slow motion speed, and I think we can work something out. Maybe not the perfect technique (I still believe this is mostly random spawn placement), but might improve it a litlle.

Also introducing a new playlist, in order to test that Shaco’s Hallucinate can really dodge almost anything in the game. I’ll complete the footage on the run :)

And finally I’ve updated pages : a couple a tests I needed to re-run are now done.

Voila voila, le baguette*


Updates about the blog & the youtube channel

Busy today for my channel today : I updated the way it display (it’s way better now, and actually looks like a real channel :)), and also the background and the avatar (which matches the background :O) !

Thanks to the amazing artist who created this image (dk who you are :x), provided by Riot.

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I got to work on the blog too : I published both pages for the W Jack in the Box & E Two-shiv poison. Have a look 😉

R Hallucinate will be huge page, and I hope to release it during the week end, or more likely in the beginning of next week.


Some news

Hey there !

Sooooo, until now everything is running pretty smoothly : I managed to publish a short clip everyday for two weeks straight now, and released 2 pages about my favorite champion abilites, the 3rd one about Shaco’s W Jack in the box been ~40% complete.
Edit : 80% done :)

I haven’t got returns from the community yet, but I haven’t done much advertising too, as I prefer to have all of Shaco’s abilities reviewed before ; then I’ll try to get in touch with most famous Shaco players and try to dig a hole in this communauty.

And as I’m in a good mood, here is another short for today. I recorded a nice use of the YHST just for the demo, but hey it’s too damn perfect !

Enjoy  :)

Shaco’s Q ability Deceive page online

Shaco / DeceiveSo here it is. The freakin’ huge and complete page about Shaco’s Deceive.


You think one page would be more than enough to handle this skill ? think again.

It took me several hours to get this all clear, but it’s finally done. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Tell me if you think I miss something.

Once again, a big thank you to Chinese Jester and League of Legend ‘s wikia.

Shaco’s passive Backstab page online

Hey there.

I haven’t much time to play / post lately due to massive over time work.

Shaco / Backstab

However I’m currently working on compiling the massive amount of data about our favorite Jester’s abilites, and proud to release the Backstab page.

I’d love to add a small video testing almost everything about it but I just doesn’t have time yet. If I remeber I uploaded a cuople hours of tests on my youtube Account, and this isn’t taht old (around the end of season 4, v 4.19).

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about, and if you wanna add something.


Hey there

Episode 6 / A new hope

Oh god why

Soooooo what’s the point with this website. Well, I don’t really feel confortable with mobafire (even if I find this website is great for guides & sharing) and most of the time I start project and don’t really end them.

Me ? I’ve been playing League of Legend since the original Ashe release (Early 2009) and I’ve played as every roles, and have been focused on Jungle main & support 2nd since a couple of years now.

Back to one of my favorite League of Legends champion / Shaco for the past few months, and after some research I felt that there is lot of potential for this champ but

  1. It’s way too clustered across the web
  2. There are some points that aren’t covered in depth (R / Hallucinate mostly)

Soooo my goal here would be to regroup all this knowledge, and go deep down into Shaco mechanics.


This is gonna stay a pretty simple website (at least for now) : even if I’m a web developper, currently I doesn’t have much free time so here it is : Simple as f*ck base WordPress theme.

Anyway I’m aiming for quality & durable content at the moment, so if this works great I’ll consider giving it a better face 😉

This website is gonna work with my youtube channel : I’ll use it for illustrations, demos, etc. but I’ll keep the nice plays on my youtube channel only, in order to not flood the website.

Also as you guys might notice, English isn’t my born language, and any help to remove errors or weird stuff would be appreciated. Prefered to get this in English, I may add a French / croissant feature later on (even moar if you guys demand / help).


I’ll split this website into several ways :

  • Blog notes : which will allow me to take some notes about my actual thoughts (techniques, skills, builds, builds order, meta, etc.)
    • This will probably be a little chaotic
    • Take them as a beta version of pages
    • It will also contains news & updates
    • I’d really appreciate to share my knowledge with you guys, so I’ll leave the comments open
  • Pages : which will store the informations : what is currently working (items, synergy, etc.)
    • This will allow to have targetted informations on one page, and I’ll try to keep this updated
  • Maybe some notes or pages from other Shaco enthousiasts / stars (my favorites right now : Beautiful Korean, Pink ward, and some others)


Even if pages will be focused on Shaco, some post will be about Generic jungle, and maybe other junglers. I’m not the exclusive type of guy.

Also I’m not a huge fan of meta, and some suggestions might not speak to everybody (especially runes & masteries). Just take it that way : I’m not saying that my way is the best and that it will allow you to win every game / this is just what fit the most to my playstyle and you should not take it “as it” but try it and adapt it to your needs.

Stay open minded, don’t take it all as truth (test it, it might evolve) and mostly : have fun playing League.


As said, I usually drop my projects because a lack of motivation, or simply because I prefer to play & tests new stuff.

My objectives for now are to publish at least one side note & one page every week. I’ll test it for a month and see if it works, and might reconsider my objectives if I’m way ahead or behind.

Also if I get fired (yeah yeah..) I’d revisit my objectives way up, and might even back to streaming.

Edit : Still not fired yay ! I’ll try to add a short every day, with the youtube creator studio it doesn’t that much time :)