Back to LoL as casual player

Hi there ! Even if nobody ever read this. Whatever.

Got my new pc several weeks ago and went back to LoL as a casual player ; With S6 update I lost most of my landmarks regarding items, routes, and so on. I also lost a lot of map awareness and hey, I’m also ~6 champions late (not counting reworks).

Soooo.. I’m playing back, trying to catch up with the whole mess LoL has become (no more avarice blade :'(, statik shiv 30% chance crit, Essence reaver 30% cdr (*insert WAT meme here*, Executionner’s calling back without crit (wutwut), triforce no crit 20%CDR (seriously what is wrong with you rito !?) and so much I can’t even catch on.

Special dedicated minute of silence for the recall delay reduction mastery, which was the only one I really found usefull ; despite some new masteries are kinda cool.


Well currently I’m going slowly back to business : jungling with my old times favorites (hecarim, amumu, irelia, and so much more) and trying somewhat to master the New gangplank top. Shoutouts to Caitlyn rework too, that I found incredibly more pleasant to play with.

I’ll probably get back to Shaco soon and make some update to this blog pages, as he got a couple updates if I remember.

I’ll test new routes & items builds ; Meanwhile continue to instagib red buff, pick Q and go deny hard enemy blue buff :p


Ps: The new patience jauge on jungle mobs is way too retarded & buggier than older system.

One thought on “Back to LoL as casual player”

  1. Cheeeeers bro, glad to b back,
    Waitin’ on news!

    keep couterin’, shaco walkin’

    “Special dedicated minute of silence for the recall delay reduction mastery “²

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