W / Jack in the box

Shaco / Jack In The BoxACTIVE : Shaco summons a box at the target location that stealths after a 2 second delay and lasts for up to 60 seconds. When an enemy comes within 300 units, the box springs open: causing surrounding enemies to turn and flee while it attacks nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds.

  • Flee duration : 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5
  • Magic damage : 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95(+ 20% AP)
  • Maximum magic damage : 315 / 450 / 585 / 720 / 855 (+ 180% AP)

Some words

One of Shaco’s ability signature that makes him really annoying too. Basically a low cost ward, that is used to have an insane clear time early (due to the fact that you can stack them, up to 1mn), and can provide some decent damages as well as some crowd control.

People always underestimate those little boxes, but they can’t make a huge difference along the game.

Questions & Answers

How does the damage works ?

When the box is summoned, it stealth after 2 seconds. Upon revealing, it attack the nearest enemy for 35 magic damage (rank 1) every 0.5s, except for the first tick (reveal).

5 seconds duration / 0.5s attacks – first attack = 9 attacks x 35 = 315 magic damage.

This is in the case the box doesn’t get destroyed and can attack for 5 seconds.

Can it be destroyed ?

Sadly, yes. And it doesn’t have much hp, or separate hp (much like 3 bars Zyra’s plants).

Not stealthed yet : Can be destroyed any way.

Stealthed : If I remember correctly they can’t be damaged by skillshots as they stealthed, but AoE damages will get them.

How does work they’re fear ?

As every other fear. The target runs away from the source.
Note : I will discuss this more in the Thinking outside the box section as IMO Shaco boxes has unique interaction with fear.

Can the fear be prevented ?

Yup. If the red trinket++ active gets landed on top of a box, it will disable it (same as wards & Teemo’s shrooms). Note that the oracle won’t disable them, allowing ranged AA & skillshots, but still proc-ing fear if the enemy champion come in range.

As bringed by Pink ward, some AoE such as Riven Q can clear them before they proc-ed. Video 6:50 to 7:20.

Boxes can also be smited.
Not sure of how the fear act if the box is destroyed as it revealed.

Can boxes be used to prevent jumps / dash abilities ?

Yep. Same video (Pink ward tutorial) ~7:25. He recommands to stack 2 of them, and the placement has to be accurate.

What about the smoke ?

Contrary to what the wikia says, the enemy team can’t see its smoke puff if it is in fog of war or brushes (same as hallucinate).

Are there preferable placements ?

Put the box in a position that blocks off the most area without compromise. Areas such as right next to the wall are no good because that means theres portions of the fear range that are not being used. If the box has a radius r, you want to box the radius r away from any walls to keep its fear range at a maximum but does not let your target hug the wall to evade the fear – Chinese Jester.

Also try to place them such as they won’t be one-shotted / revealed by tower nor proc-ed by minions.

Are they some fun/usefull facts about it ?

  1. During the URF game mode, it’s one of the rare skills to getting nerfed. You couldn’t stack more than 6 (?) boxes.
  2. Syndra can grab them via her W force of will and throw them with the additionnal effect Fear.
  3. Boxes count as a unit and will deny Kha’Zix passive isolation bonus.
  4. Despite been rather squishy (most of jungle monsters will one shot them ~15mn), they can endure 2 drake attacks (down from 3 since patch 5.9)


Amplifying  Tome itemAbility power – Even if the ratio seems rather low (20% AP), it is the ratio for one box attack. It has an insane ratio if the full duration, and the full damage, is applied : 180%.

cooldown_reduction_blueCDR / Cooldown Reduction – W Jack in the box has a fixed long cooldown of 16 seconds. With a box duration of 60 seconds, it means that you can stack up to 3 boxes. With up to 40% CDR, the cooldown is 9.6s, which allow you to stack up to 6 boxes, which bring us to…

Shaco / Jack In The BoxShaco / Jack In The BoxShaco / Jack In The BoxStacking – Stacking boxes smartly allow you to increase fear duration, and mostly boxes damages. Best examples are from AP Shaco “Illuminati” Pink ward. Stack ’em in triangle.

Champions synergy

Any hard cc – Use other friendly champions hard cc to place a free fear box.

Note : This works on denials of enemy Zohnya’s hourglass & Guardian angel actives too, as they will be feared as soon as they out of stasis.


Yordle_Snap_TrapCaitlyn W Yordle Snap Trap – Like all roots, Cailtyn traps rpevent your target from fleeing due to fear, and force it take more damages.
The best point here is that as Shaco boxes, those are independant.

A bright example from Nhipia, even if its a bit extreme :


Rocket_GrabBlitzcrank Q Rocket grab – Another great synergy is the blitzcrank rocket grab, which can bring anyone from a long distance to a big pack of boxes, and add enough cc to ensure the kill.


Magical_JourneyBard E Magical journey – More recent, stacking box and baiting your opponents to come into via Bard special journey is pretty fun too.


Courtesy of CalbelKshaway and maybe some other trolls :p

Some enemy displacement champions :

Urgot R, Ahri E, Azir R, Skarner R, and harder.. Tristana / Lee sin / Alistar / Gnar

Terrain champions

Might be a little tricky to pull out but worth mentionning. You can prevent your target from fleeing thanks to champion terrain abilities

J4 R Cataclysm, Anivia W wall, Azir R, Trundle E pillar.


Vision_Ward_itemSweeping_Lens_itemOracle's_Lens_item“Pink” Vision wards, “Red trinkets” Sweeping lens & Oracle’s lens – Can reveal the boxes.
Note : Both trinkets activation right on top of a box will disarm it, removing the fear proc effect. On the contrary, only revealing them will allow you to target them, but won’t prevent them to proc if you move too close to it.

Banshee's_Veil_item Shroud_of_Darkness Spell_Shield

Black_ShieldSpellshields – Banshee’s veil item, Sivir’s E Spell shield, Nocturne’s W Shroud of darkness will deny the fear effect, but not the magic damage, except for Morgana’s E Black shield who will deny both.

SmiteConsumeSummer spell Smite & Nunu’s Q Consume – They will instagib any box. Note that it can be smited after the fear effect to reduce damages taken.

Stealth & vision denies – The boxes won’t proc if Shaco hasn’t vision of the enemy while he is in range of the box. This will work for stealthed champions, such as Evelynn, Twitch, Rengar, etc. and if Shaco is affected by Nocturne R Paranoia or Graves W Smoke screen.

However, a stealthed champion can be affected by fear if the box is proc-ed and if he is in range. In this case, it won’t be revealed unless the target’s stealth state depends on their location or movement (Teemo’s Camouflage or Akali’s W Twilight shroud).

H-28G_Evolution_TurretOmen_of_PestilenceSummon_VoidlingPets – Pets can proc your boxes (note : added to re-test). If you stack 4-5 boxes on your first buff, care for the sneaky early proc at 1:45 / 1:50 that can ruin your first buff and most of your early game power.

Later Zyra’s plants mights be able to proc them too, but not at level 1 😉

Here’s a compelte list of pets on the wiki : Other pets.

Jumping champions

In various cases, depending on champions abilities, boxing isn’t always the best choice as it may offer an escape road jumping on it as it is visible.

Thinking about Katarina’s E Shunpo, Yasuo’s E Sweeping Blade, Irelia’s Q Bladesurge, Maokai’s W Twisted Advance, etc.

In those cases prefer land the box close to them or on top of them.

Jungle mobs

Past ~15min, most jungle camps will one shot the box, and they won’t even be able to stealth & proc fear. As soon as you get your sustain item (Hydra, Blade of the Ruined King), don’t use your boxes to tank camps anymore.

Due to the low mana cost, better pop one where you are everytime its available, if you are not going to gank in 15 seconds. It will add great map control, either in both jungles.

Targon execute

Boxes can be instagibbed by targon & ther green relics procs.



Illuminati triangle

I’m not a huge AP Shaco player, you better get dedicated guides on youtube (especially Pink wards).


Dispose your boxes in triangles. The goal here is to stack boxes proc : As the enemy proc the first box, it flee in the direction of the 2nd box who proc, who make it flee toward the third box… adding more fear time & damage over time.

It can also be really usefull in early counter jungle and manage to catch the enemy jungler into your boxes.


Personnal technique. Instead of stacking the box on top of each others, or in triangles, I like to place them in a straight line, separated for ~half a box range.

This way the enemy who will try to follow you will face a first box, get feared, will have to kill it or pass through. And as he is about to, he’s been feared by the 2nd box. Rince & reapeat.

Note : I mostly use it in 2 cases

  1. Stairs Blue buff leash (for Quick gromp + BB + ~no damages).  I start 3 boxes gromp, 2 stairs boxes away from blue (won’t auto proc).  Smite & do gromp,  get E, come back to blue & put a third stair box. This allow me to auto attack & orb walk back and forth, cancelling most of the blue golem attacks.Escpecially usefull versus hard farmers like Udyr, Nunu, Shyv. you got level 3 pretty early without consuming much pots and can go back to farming if ganks fail.
  2. Late game splitpush. It offer a really decent escape road, and will make the enemy mad, influencing on the psychological aspect.

Skillshot deny

When you land a box, it has a 2 second ‘cooldown’ before goign in stealth. While it is still visible, you can block skillshots such as Lee sin Q resonating strike, or Blitzcrank Q Rocket grab.


As mentionned by Chinese Jester, it’s a pretty difficult trick to master, as the box have a .5s before appearing. With high ping, it won’t be much about having good reflexes but more about prediction.

Death_LeapDeath_SentenceSpecial warning for Thresh Q Death Sentence : This hook won’t destroy your box and he will be able to jump towards hit with his Q 2nd part Death Leap.

Jump cancel

cf. Pink ward tutorial ~7:25 (Q&A).


Stack a couple of boxes and stay near as you are beeing jumped on.

Especially good to know versus natural counters, such as Lee sin Q Resonating strike and Rengar R Thrill of the Hunt + Passive jump.

Can also cancel Jax Q, Aatrox Q, Jarvan4 R, Pantheon stun,  Zac E, Ziggs E, etc.

“Secret of Shaco” forum thread / Samflash3One of my trick is if an amumu/leona is on the enemy team trap bait them to you. Set traps close to you and let them hit you with their skillshot stun. They get gifts of jack-in-the -box

Long range

Dedicated article soon.

Obvious bait

Stand low life in a mine field of boxes. Works better if the bait is an ally. Cherry on the top ; bait with a pink ward surrounded by boxes.

Invisibility ‘deny’

Can be used as anti-stealth initiation (ex : Eve, Rengar).

Sit on a box > Eve come > feared > get bursted > profits.

Thinking outside the box

Beware ! It might make some AP Shaco happy or goes Waaow.

All of this is personnal thinking & I havent seen been used by any other Shaco. If you use it, talk about me <3 youpiwaza©

After some thinking about how Shaco’s boxes proc (only when they have vision), I’ve come accross some tests with friends and most of them works. Haven’t used them in ranked though.

What if I place a Shaco box right on the outside of a brush which I don’t have vision into ? The enemy champion could be right next to the box without proc-ing it as it doesn’t have vision of it. And the closer the champion is next to the box when it proc, the more he takes damages.

After some sucessfull tests I’ve come a step further : the boxes have a liiiitle cooldown before procing. Why not abuse it  ?

By posting a box right next to the outside a brush, with an enemy champion walking straight to it, you can “stun” him, as it will be on top of the box and won’t have anywhere to flee.

Even cooler (especially combined with the illuminati technique ;)) with enough movement speed the enemy champion can go through the box, and be feared outside the way he came from > force him into other boxes granting a garanteed ~3 seconds fear.

Note that this simple technique might deal huge damage, simply with 2 boxes, and only need ~25s to be set up (can be done while ganking).

I’ve done some thinking about the red buff “croissant” shaped wall too. I’ll re-test it on the new map (this is a litlle old in my mind).

Note : Even if it seems pretty tricky and unreliable, you can use the zoom option to be very precise on the box placement.

Some advises

  • Place a box before you recall. It might prevent a recall interruption, or grant a lucky free kill / assist
  • Boxes can be used as ward for map control. After a gank, drop a box on the lane for a free 1mn ward, only 50 mana, might save a life.

Crab Nemesis

Rift_ScuttlerSquareThe new jungle camp Rift Scuttler is rather tanky, and something that most people don’t know is that it permanently loose most tankyness when he got movement impaired (slow doesn’t count). Your boxes fear will remove him both 50 armor and magic resistance, making it way easier to kill.


You can block yourself with your own boxes

Well sadly this is true (if you don’t have Phantom Dancer). When re-practicing Shaco the intensive way, I’ve found myself been auto blocking on Gromp & Golems several time : Q over the wall, box at their back annnnnnnnd.. you can’t move anymore.

Be careful with that, especially early, with the jungle S5 hitting hard.

Boxes can attack towers, and even nexus

This is true(, but hard to pull off. The box will attack the closest enemy, but turrets & nexus won’t reveal it. Manage to get it proced by creeps.) NEED TO BE VERIFIED, MIGHT PROC ON TOWER DIRECTLY  & Attack closest enemy before turret ?

You can teleport on boxes


Note : Contrary to J4 flag or Thresh lantern, you can’t invisible teleport : If you teleport to J4 Flag or Thresh lantern as it is about to vanish, your TP animation will vanish with them, leading to “invisible teleport”.

If you do this on a Shaco box, the box will vanish but the teleport animation will stay until the end.

Tower aggro bug

Just discovered it while testing some random stuff.

Tower will aggro Jack in the boxes only if they are visible. Weird enough, they won’t attack it if they are stealthed, even if they reveal it.

And those brave litlle soldiers will still proc fear. if something went by.


Thanks to Whitecrow for some tips and tricks.

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