R / Hallucinate

Shaco ultimate HallucinateACTIVE : Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that will last for up to 18 seconds.

The clone deals 75% of Shaco’s damage and receives 50% extra damage. This clone deals 50% damage to towers and inhibitors. At the end of its duration or when dying the clone will explode, dealing magic damage to enemies within 250-range.

  • Magic damage : 300 / 450 / 600(+ 100% AP)

Some words

As every ultimate, Hallucinate is a key identitiy for Shaco. Its uses (and abuses :p) are where the mind game start. Which one is the real Shaco ? It can attack also ? And if you kill it it might bring you to the graves with it, even if the original Shaco is already dead ?

That sure is a lot of shenanigans for a single ability.

And the best part is despite it seems really simple, the more you play it, the more you realize how subtle & polyvalent this ability can be.

Questions & Answers

There is really a lot to say about it. I’d like you readers to ask your questions if you have some.

How does it work ?

Press R, Shaco channels for 0.5s, then becomes “untargetable” for 0.5s while unleashing a smoke puff.

Then both him and his clone reappear in another smoke puff (each) in a random short range.
Note : If you use Q Deceive while Hallucinating, only one puff of smoke (clone) will appear ? Arthur Hadley

Why quoting untargettable ?

Become it is how it is official called, but in fact it is more than this : Shaco is removed from the game for 0.5s. He cannot be targetted, isn’t visible anymore, and deny most abilities.

Can we control the clone ?

Yes, using by using either R again, or Alt + move command (usually right click).
Sadly, attack command doesn’t work for the clone. Like old IA bots he will stop attacking if he lost sight of it’s target.

Is the cooldown dependant of the death of clone ?



The explanation of this ultimate will be in 2 parts : One for the Hallucinate (the cast), and one for the clone.


Why do a full part about a cast time ? Well, it’s way more than this, that’s why.


Ultimate dodge

A proper timing allow you to dodge most League of Legends stuff thrown at you.

Can be dodged

  • Auto attacks
  • Skillshots (untargetted)
  • Targetted abilities
    • Note that the timing is pretty harsh
  • Tower shots
  • Tower aggro (under conditions, see below)
  • Summoners spells (Last tick of ignite ? Wikia says both yes and no (ChineseJester says yes), Friendly Heal)

Can not be dodged

  • Leashes / Links abilities, such as Morgana R Soul Shackles, KarmaFocused ResolveRenewal, Nocturne E Unspeakable Horror, Leblanc E Ethereal Chains, Swain Q Decrepify, etc.
  • Timed abilities, such Zilean Q Time bombs, Tristana E Explosive Charge ?
    • The will be only delayed. If you know you are going to die there are several solutions
      • Make the best of it and try to bring someone to the grave with you (Deceive + backstab)
      • Get near ally champions. They might use a heal or a shield (even Aegis can make the difference)
      • Go get some life leech on creeps/champions/monsters. Don’t forget to use BortK active.

Various notes

Global / Thick skillshots – Ashe R Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Nami R Tidal Wave, Jinx R Super Mega Death Rocket!, Ezreal R Trueshot Barrage, Draven R Whirling Death can all be dodged this way with proper timing.

Caitlyn R Ace in the hole – Wait the projectile to be fired, or her ult will be on a 5 seconds cooldown.

Zed R Death mark – Prefer dodge as he is ulting you to prevent the mark. It’s easier than preventing the detonation as it applies after a 0.75s CD. Not sure if we can dodge the detonation // to be tested.

Darius R Noxian Guillotine – Doging his ult will put it on a low cooldown. Can still be usefull to Deceive awayDon’t stay near.

Fizz R Chum in the water – Fish can be dodged. Knockup ?

Vi R Assault and Battery –  ?

Ignite / Exhaust – Ulting while been ignited or exhausted will result in only you have the debuff, revealing you.

NocturneDuskbringer – Getting hit by this ability makes you leave a trail behind. If you ult right after, only the real Shaco will have the trail, revealing you. Note that his Q can still be dodged 😉

Breaking tower aggro

Casting Hallucinate while been aggro by the tower will break its aggro.

However there are several cases :

If a damage over time (Red buff, Ignite) is still running on an enemy champion under the turret, it will re-aggro to you.

If you or your clone attack an enemy champion, you will re-aggro.

If you didn’t reaggro damaging a champion

  • They are some friendly minions. They will take aggro
  • No friendly minions, the closest from tower (you, your clone, an ally champion or pet) will take the aggro.

This last case can be frustrating as you can get reaagro depending on where you and your clone will appear. Note : Update 5.10, it seems that if there is only Shaco under tower, he always get aggro as he reappears sightly before his clone.

HOW / Hallucinate over walls

While hallucinating, Shaco might go over some thin walls, towers (while getting dived), champion generated terrain (Jarvan ult, etc.).

So much to say about it, I’ll add the discussion in a separate article.

How to ?

Parenthesis on what is debatable.

Place next to wall, (preferably left shoulder touching the wall,) Press R (and right after spam right click on the other side ofthe wall).

The random position where Shaco and his clone appears might lead them to the other side of the wall, either Shaco, the clone, or both.

Credits The Evil Jester for video

Q Deceive while R Hallucinate

Animation cancel ?

// Chinese Jester Note 4: Shaco can buffer skills at the same time as he Qs to save frames. If Shaco Qs and Ws a location he is within range of at the exact same time both skills will go off then Shaco will have placed his box and retain invisibility for the full duration. This can be done with his E as well. For example, if I were to hover my cursor over an enemy champion and press Q and E over him at the exact same time then the resulting action would be a shiv hitting the intended target as well as Shaco having gone into his stealth. One final note about this skill is that if you ultimate while simultaneously Qing sometimes your ult will not form at the location you blinked to, rather it will appear halfway between the origin of the Q and the new location or even sometimes leaving the clone at the original location. For this reason I highly recommend waiting at least half a second before ulting after you Q.


The best clone in the game, as it can attack, apply on-hit effects and deal a decent amount of damage on death, on a close range.

Basic knowledge

It can be commanded through Alt + Move command (right click) or using R Hallucinate again.
Note : Sadly, Attack move won’t work.
Note : But Target champions only will.

You cannot command it while you can’t use your abilities : silence, stun, knockup, death. Not sure about Zohnya‘s stasis.

The clone gains 100% of Shaco’s stats, including bonus stats from items but not from runes and masteries.

It deals 75% damage (32.5% damage against structures) and takes 50% additional damage.

The clone will not apply spell effects with its attacks, just its explosion (Rylai slow, Liandri, etc.).

Appears with same amout of life than original.
Note : Consume potion before ulting (ex : before doing early drake).

Use it to tank early Drakes, as JitB has been indirectly nerfed due to Drake damage up (LoL 5.9). Decent amount of damage with Devorer enchant.


Advanced knowledge

The clone will appear facing top ? Seems to.

Clone always appears to the right of Shaco ?  To be tested.

Can’t be sum spell smited, but can be exhausted, ignited, etc.

Can be executed by targon, thanks JamesTheNPC.

Clone does have and proc auras and captain enchant despite what wikia says..
It works on yourself and your allies. However, the auras (yours & his) doesn’t stack.

Shaco’s clone can’t hit wards. This is freaking stupid.

Champion related interactivity

Can’t be Nunu Q  Consume.

Warwick can proc his W thanks to clone.

Rengar ult ?  Real Shaco gets revealed (differenciated from clone).

Volibear E Majestic Roar make the clone (only) fear.
Note : It will also fear the Mordekaiser R Children of the Grave clone 😉

Leona E Zenith blade will mark the clone, and jump to Real shaco.

Fizz R Chum on the water will stick to both.

Differencies from the original


Guardian angel buff
Note : it won’t proc the GA revive effect (which is sad)

Banshee buff

Hexdrinker / Maw of malmortius proc.

Display aura’s like Aegis, Abyssal, Captain, etc.


  • Different stats ? Yup. Only base stats & items. Doesn’t benfit from Runes & Masteries. All go armor pen & hp scaling !
  • Jungle buffs – Blue red
  • Clone has no items if clicked on (IMO which is stupid)
  • Deal less damages
  • Is way more squishy
  • If cast spells, Real Shaco have less mana
  • Hasn’t elixir effect ?


Can crit

Can lifesteal ? wikia says no, I say yes

Apply on hit effects

TO RETEST, in season 4 most item wasn’t working (feral flare, botrk)

  • Statikk shiv
    • Clone procs ✓ 5.10
    • Clone starts at 0 charges ✓ 5.10
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with %crit runes ✘ 5.10
    • Clone Damage (shiv proc) increase with IE ✓ 5.10
  • Devorer – Magic damage on hit
  • Btrk – % health
  • Tiamat/Hydra – AoE ✓ 5.10
  • Black Cleaver – Armor reduction stack ✓ 5.10
  • Frozen Mallet – Slow
  • Enchant : Furor
  • Phage / Triforce / BC : Hit effect will give the clone the MS.
    • NoteMalvortex Clone’s kills give the real Shaco the +40ms kill effect
  • Nashor’s tooth
  • Wit’s end
  • Guinsoo
    • Passive (AS)  ~ 4.19
      • Clone get no stacks  ✓ 4.19
      • Clone get no AS (profile)  ✓ 4.19
      • Clone seems to hit faster though ~
    • Active  (LL SV) YES

Doesn’t synergize with

Items active effects (BotRK, Younmuu), even if proc-ing before using ult.

Targon – Clone will have the buff, but won’t proc it on minions. You can proc it on him : both will get healed, but no double gold gain.


DBC / Drop By Clone

Using ultimate while invisible doesn’t remove stealth.

This technique is a basic panic / not planned chaos initiator. Since Hallucinate ~stuns you for  1s, if you proc it as soon as you Deceived, you still got ~2.5seconds of invisibility.

Use it to force the enemy team abilities, especially carries dash/flash, and get near while still invisible for a perfect backstab.

Also remember that you can make the enemy team believe that this is the real Shaco that just use Deceive to gap close, even if advanced players will still get a hint due to Hallucinate smoke puffs.

YHST / Youpiwaza’s Hallucinate Secret Technique

Advanced version of Drop-by clone.
Here’s the dedicated article.

And here’s the full playlist.

Level 5 clone

Credits to SuperMazziveH3r0 ? – Reddit link

Reddit condensed :

I also heard that if you show yourself at level 5, and use your clone to gank a lane while you q into your enemy, the clone will look like level 5 leaving enemy to assume that you are level 5 and have no clones to gank with.

– Let me see if I understand. So, if they see your clone before they see the real Shaco at level 6, the clone will appear to be level 5?

– Exactly. This is because you will appear as the last level the enemy team saw you as, which will probably be 5. Ulting at while you are out of vision will cause them to see a level 5 clone.

– Peculiar. Does the clone change to 6 when you come into vision?

– No, if you’re in the fog of war at level 5, then hit level 6 still not visible to enemy team, you can use your ult and it will appear as a level 5 Shaco, so people will assume it’s the real clown.

– Yeah I got that. I was just wondering whether the clone appeared to level up when the real Shaco comes into vision.

– Ahh, in that case, I’m not sure. I would assume so, yeah.

Video credits to The Eveil Jester [ in deutsch <3 ]

Can be used in combination with YSHT !? *_*

Face check bait

Late game, enemy team sitting on a ward. Send clone “facecheck” and make them burn most abilities. Simple yet really effective.

Clone invasion

A safer & disapointing way to counter jungle.

Ward your enemy buff, then send your clone to auto attack it. You can also box over the wall to help.
Let the clone auto attack, and deal death dmg & smite over the wall.

I just dig up this technique (not sure where it came from :/) and haven’t used it in a normal/ranked game yet. But it’s pretty interesting for a second invade around 7th minute, if you already counter-jungled hard and the whole enemy team is pissed off..


Does cast Hallucinate removes slow affecting Shaco ?

No. Don’t trust anything on wikia 😉

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