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Shaco / Deceive
Shaco / Deceive

ACTIVE: Shaco instantly blinks to a target nearby location and enters sslstealth for up to 3.5 seconds. Dealing damage will break stealth early. His next basic attack within 6 seconds is guaranteed to critically strike for modified base critical damage.

Bonus critical damage from items, runes and mastery is applied for the full amount.

  • Base critical damage : 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 / 220%
  • Critical damage with backstab bonus : 168 / 192 / 216 / 240 / 264%

Some words

A low cooldown flash. That makes you invisible for 3.5 seconds. And grant a garanteed Crit. Which deals more damage at last rank.

zud“Baluncd” – Zud

In my opinion this spell is the main reason why Shaco is so annoying, and allow summoners to play him like total *ssholes o:}

It gives Shaco an insane mobility, great gank potential, some jukes, baits and so on.

I won’t detail much about ganking in here, I’ll do a dedicated section.
I’ll be focused on Questions & Answers, tips, tricks, myths, secrets, whatever, all you’ll ever need to know about Shaco’s Deceive.

Questions & Answers

I think this is the first question that come into mind while looking deeper on Deceive : How does work the multiplicator ?

(I’ll keep it simple, no runes, armor or whatsoever)
Note : The %crit damage modificator only applies to the Deceived garanteed crit, not the other regular AA crits.

Pretty easy. A classic critical strikes hits for 200% damage.
It means that if you got 100 AD, you will crit for 200 damages.

Deceive grants you a garanteed crit (100% chance to hit) but actually nerf the original crit at early levels (140% / 160% / 180%), is normal at rank 4 (200%), and improve it at rank 5 (220%).

It means that with a rank 1 Deceive, with 100 AD you will crit for 140 damages.
At rank 5 Deceive you will crit for 220 damages.


Does the multiplicator stacks ?

Yup. All % crit damage modifiers are stacked additionally, before calculating the actual damage.

Infinity Edge item

Infinity edge grants 50% more damages

It means that with 100 AD, you will crit for (200% + 50% IE) 250 damages

With Deceive rank 1 (140%) and IE, with 100 AD, you will crit for (140% + 50% IE) 190 damages.
With Deceive rank 5 (220%) and IE, with 100 AD, you will crit for (220% + 50% IE) 270 damages.

QuintessenceCritical damage runes can grant up to 46% crit damage

It means that with 100 AD & this runes only, you will crit for (200% + 46% runes) 246 damages.

Deceive rank 1, 100 AD : (140% + 46% runes) 186 damages.
Deceive rank 5, 100 AD : (220% + 46% runes) 266 damages.

    IE + Full page crit damage runes

Deceive rank 1, 100 AD : (140% + 50% IE + 46% runes) 236 damages.
Deceive rank 5, 100 AD : (220% + 50% IE + 46% runes) 316 damages.


It also combine great with the 20% Backstab passive. It will add the 20% bonus damage on top of the crit, after it has been calculated (source : wiki).

Deceive rank 5, BS, 100 AD : (220%) + (220 total x 20 / 100 = 44 BS) = 264 damages.
Deceive rank 5, IE, BS, 100 AD : (220% + 50% IE) + (270 total x 20 / 100 = 54 BS) = 324 damages.
Deceive rank 5, IE, Crit runes, BS, 100 AD : (220% + 50% IE + 46% runes) + (316 total x 20 / 100 ~= 63 BS) ~= 379 damages.


What about the garanteed crit ?

It gives you 100% crit chance for your next auto attack. This ‘buff’ (no dedicated icon, only one for invisibility) lasts for 6 seconds from the moment you initially casted Q Deceive.

It means you can still crit up to 2.5 seconds after your invisibility ran out, or even up to 6 seconds after if you cancelled invisibility through recall (see Technique below).


How does it behave with hard Crowd Control ?

Several possibilities here, I’ll take for example Blitzcrank hook.

  • It fires at you, you Q soon enough, you dodge hit. Nothing happens
  • It fires at you, you Q as the hook hits you. You go to the Deceive intended location, but still suffer from the stun. You still are invisible.
  • It fires at you, you Q too late. You are grabbed. Q didn’t proc-ed, you can reuse it straight (in this case if Blitzcrank didn’t stacked CC on you)
  • It fires at the intended Deceive location (you Qed in the hook). You are grabbed and stunned, but pretty sure you are still invisible.

Most cc won’t reveal you even if they it you after you cloaked in.
See the reveal section for real threats.


What about the smoke ?

The enemy team can see the Deceive smoke in the fog of war (in brushes too).
Sometimes it’s better to Deceive from far away, even if it isn’t needed, in order to give less chances to the enemy player to spot it ; especially while counter jungling early.

All skins have an orange smoke puff, except for the Masked Shaco skin that will just leave a white/sliver spark, little smaller that the other orange puffs.

Masked Shaco Q Deceive

Note : Also can be referenced has “puff”.
Note : The new WildCard skin still has the same orange puff.


What will reveal you ?

I got a dedicated section for the enemy stuff down below.

Use W Jack in a box will reveal you.
Jack in a box proc-ed by enemy team won’t reveal you, despite doing damages.
Use E Two shiv poinson will reveal you.
Use R Hallucinate won’t reveal you.

Need to test sunfire cape damage (guess doesn’t reveal, same as Teemo) & summoners spells.


Statikk Shiv item

Statikk shiv – Talking about his synergy with Deceive only I’d say that it’s pretty good.

Even if the lower ranks of Deceive reduce the Shiv crit damage, it still does 140% damage, instead of 100% if it didn’t crit. And at rank 5 it even improve the crit damage to 220%, bringing it to 4 x 220 = 880 magic damages.

I’ll do a dedicated article about this item.


cooldown_reduction_blueCDR / Cooldown Reduction – Spamming this ability is just too good. 40% CDR sounds overkill to me, but 20-30% really can be game changing. Base CDR 11s at all ranks, down to 6.6s with 40% CDR.

Consider runes & masteries, Spirit visage over BansheeBrutalizer, etc.

Even R HallucinateGardian angel and Zohnya can help you delay to get to the needed cooldown.



%Crit damage runes – I’m mitigate about those. It’s pretty great on Shaco and synergize well with this kit and items overall. They are 3 major problems though

  1. Those runes are late game runes. Even if this make Deceive, Statikk procs and Auto attacks pretty damn good, you will feel the lack of damage early & mid.
  2. Lack of other runes. Since S5, even if Shaco suffered less from the jungle buffs than other junglers (in my opinion), you will also feel the lack of runes. No more bonus AD or AS for early clears & ganks damage, No more armor for sustain or tower dives. No more CDR or Magic resist.
  3. They won’t have much utility until you got some crit chances, despite Deceive.
  4. Lack of armor penetration. After several years of tests I prefer using Armor pen over Flat AD, and I deeply feel the lack of armor pen if the enemy stacks some armor. Last whisper is a must have under 35mn.

Those are playable and even decent on Shaco, but you will need to adapt your early game and your play style (early cloth armor, rush Statikk). But if you make it too Statikk and Infinity Edge, You will do some retarded crits you won’t even believe it.

A compromise is to get only Red & Quints, which brings you to ~30%.

Too much to say about those babies <3, I’ll do a dedicated article.

Movement speed

Overall movement speed, which will allow you to get further away while invisible. 4.5%MS Quintessences, 1.5% MS masteries, MS items like Zeal, Younmu, etc. and some Champions like Sivir, Orianna, Nunu, etc.

All of this will synergize pretty well.


There are several ways to get your invisibility denied, some more exotic than others. Here’s an exhaustive list :


  • Pink ward, care about those sneaky pink wards in brushes.
  • Red trinket upgraded : It grant an oracle for 10 seconds.
  • Chicken buff (when smited) active effect. If the enemy jungler (or any Smite user) got the buff and get near a ward (or if you drop it one while Deceiving away), he will get an oracle for several seconds
  • Enemy turrets (true sight) and Azir’s passive turrets
    • Note : Neither inhib nor nexus has true sight.
  • Care for skillshots and area of effects spells (especially CC) and minions pathfails. You’re invisible, not untargetable.

Care for experimented supports that won’t hesitate to use them as soon as they saw an orange puff.

Some midlaners might add pink ward in the lane too (usually near their tower for an easy defence).
Some toplaners/supports might also get a pink in a near brush.
>> If you spot the ! revealed exclamation mark either go in, and/or go clear the ward with the help of your mates, and come back a few moment later.

Hardcore gamers

Mostly based on Chinese Jester list & wiki. Thank you guys.
Note : Care for skillshots in general. Even if it doesn’t reveal your invis, a projectile that randomly stops mid air can give a tip.

Doesn’t reveal

  • Ignite won’t reveal you.
  • Skirmisher’s Sabre. You are revealed, but it doesn’t reveal Stealth.
  • JinxZap! doesn’t reveal (anymore) invisible targets. But she will still notice it didn’t went all the way through & apply slow
  • Kennen 2nd W Electrical Surge. Won’t reveal but indicate the position through the particle effect
  • Kog Max R won’t reveal invis.
  • Satan Teemo R Shrooms.
  • Vi R. If you Q her ult it hits you in invis but she remains at the location where you were before you blinked.
  • Warwick W. If under half health. Blood scent won’t reveal invis. But with the range and the bonus MS if he doesn’t back off on his own you are basicly f*cked. Consider health potion if early, or even life leech on crab / minions.


  • Ashe W Volley. If hitted it will reveal your location because of its missing space if you’re hit when invisible
  • Azir‘s passive turrets have true sight.
  • Caitlyn traps E
  • Corki Q Phosphorous bomb // wiki says yeah
  • Diana’s W shield Pale cascade. Hitting a sphere will proc it, revealing you.
  • Evelynn Q Hate spikes
  • Fizz R Chum on water will reveal if you get da fish attached
  • Galio R Forbidden Idol is a taunt. You hit him you got revealed
  • Kassadin E Force Pulse stacks
  • Katarina R Death lotus becomes available
  • Lee sin Q E
  • Lucian W
  • Lulu E
  • Morgana R will be available
  • Nidalee‘s Hunt
  • Nocturne Q tray will still follow even invis. Q over a wall or stand still. Note that it can proc as you get hit even if you are already invisible.
  • Rammus well timed E taunt.
  • Rek’Sai W. Her passive is a huge counter to Shaco. It will proc even invisible. Try the Q Recall technique in a brush x’).
  • Rengar R. It reveals you even when invisible. Better save Q & use it as soon as it jumps on you.
  • Shen E. If taunted you will attack him and get revealed. Care it’s an AoE, not a targetted ability. It can (Flash) taunt you even if you are already stealthed.
  • Soraka Q
  • Talon Q > trail of blood
  • Thresh hook > Tududuuuu
  • Tryndamere E Mocking shout
  • Twisted Fate R. Ultimate will reveal you & your invisibility. Can be a hard counter if played well. Avoid invading past level 6.
  • Vladimir E. It will send a projectile and hit you if you are in range.
  • Viktor‘s R Chaos Storm will follow a stealthed target and fire it’s lightning bolts at it. The stealthed champion will not be revealed.
  • Vel’Koz Q. Not sure it reveals invis, but you will definitly be spotted.
  • Zyra‘s W seeds Rampant Growth will reveal stealthed units that step over the seeds.

Might be more up to date than me :


Versatile Deceive

Most of decent Shaco players will give you the advice regarding a fleeing Deceive : Go for for another direction in order to juke the enemy.

Well this is true, but you can’t be full random to be efficient. Use it smartly for success.


Do this before you’re in trouble. When spotted, act fast.

Before Deceiving, you must consider several points :

  • The situation : Did the full enemy team spotted you or only one or two champions ?
  • The place : Where am I ? In the enemy jungle ? In my jungle ? Are there brushes near ? Are they warded ? Can I jump over obstacles ?
  • Where do I want to go ? Walk to my base ? Faint retreat & keep counter jungling ? Recall in enemy jungle ?
  • The context : Does the enemy team has ressources to find me ? (wards, WW blood scent, kog R, Twisted Fate R, Lee sin’s Q E, etc.)
  • Same stuff as experimented Akali W 😉

Then consider the several options offered to you and act towards your goal. Most of the time the best is too keep in mind your goal even if not everything is going according to plan.

In case of hard counters (Lee sin, Rek Sai, TF, etc.) or mostly reveal objects (pink, red trink++) just hop over a wall & run towards your base as if you weren’t invisible.

Also care for the Smite Wolves Wisp. If it’s up, you can’t stay in the enemy jungle as it will reveal you as soon as you’re stealth run out.

During a teamfight, if the enemy pink ward isn’t that near, you can even juke playing on its reveal range.

Avoid skillshots

Don’t forget that Deceive can be use as an instant sidestep. I won’t recommand it but if it can save you from a hard CC near the whole enemy team, don’t hesitate.


There are several jukes that works great, and like everything you got to practice a lot.

Here are my favorites :

  • Pretend to run toward your base, Deceive back in enemy jungle. The more you will be hurt, the more it will be believable.
    • Great spots to recall : Wolves pit & red buff pit. Don’t forget to Target Champs only. Deep brushes works well too.
  • Run to hug a wall, pretend to Deceive over the wall but Deceive the other way
    • Hey, you might even get some Flashes down (especially with hard CC champions that lacks mobility, like Pantheon, Warwick, etc.)
    • One great spot is the blue buff : Pretend to jump over the wall towards mid and just walk towards Drake.

Remeber that a good enemy player will learn. Don’t hesitate to land 1/3 straight Deceive. After mid game I often Deceive in a straight lane and be surprise how the chasing opponent just seem to go in random directions.

Cherry on the cake

After several years playing at mid level (~Gold 1) and practicing some Orb walk, I’ve added a personnal touch to Deceive.

Experienced players knows that Shaco will often Deceive an other way. What they usually don’t know is that the stealth apply before you actually jump.
You can use this to do a quick Move command in a direction before Deceiving another, inducing you Deceived  in the forst fake direction in your enemy’s mind.

For example. Lets pretend you flee from top to bot. Fake command move to the left and Deceive to the right.

Long range

Deceive has the same range as Flash (400) , and you can abuse the long range cast technique.

I’ll write a dedicated article about it. Meanwhile there’s a small video with most of sweet spots. Most of them works in both way.

It isn’t as easy as it seems, pratice a bit before using it in a real game.

Invisible recall

If you time it properly, you can lunch the recall animation right after using Deceive, resulting into spending the first 3.5 seconds of recall invisible.

How to

Just proc Deceive & recall at the same time : without smartcast Press “Q”, then Left click + Press “B” simultaneously. It’s easy to do 😉



Best used with the Improved recall Phasewalker mastery in the first rank of utility tree.


Hand of Baron buff

Since S5, Hand of Baron buff grants an improved recall that allow a safe back in only 4 seconds, making you visible during ~.5seconds for the whole recall duration.

(Not sure about how Phasewalker interact with this)

Personnal notes

Pretty risky technique, but can be used when trying a desperate escape.
Note that you will be visible for 4.5 or 3.5 seconds of recall.

Typically use is around the Wolfs jungle camp : you got so many escapes routes ( Jump over the wall towards enemy base, jump over the Wolfs wall, run left, run right ) that if you Deceive in place most enemies won’t expect you to stay in place, or will come to check after. That’s where the 3.5 seconds gained on recall can make the difference.

Other good spots are both Drake and Baron pits.

(Forgot to use this technique here but you see the point :3)

Note : Assure that your enemy didn’t drop a ward in place. If so run for your life without canceling invisibility.
Note : If not on cooldown, consider drop a box before using this technique. It might grant you the .5 seconds that will save your life.
Fun fact : It also works with Twitch‘s Q Ambush.

Force cooldown

All credits to Chinese Jester. Best explanation, I didn’t wanted to rewrite it.

Shaco has a unique cooldown with his Q as it goes on cooldown after Shaco is revealed (not revealed as in being seen but as in being out of stealth). This makes it similar to the original Leblanc W where the 2nd double would need to be used or expired to go on cooldown.

However, by using the back animation and pressing b (or whatever you binded it to) then the cooldown will begin. This however will break your stealth and make you visible. A common method used with this is to cover distance (stay with me here). For example if you are attempting to get to top lane from base and want to get there as fast as possible then begin Qing up to top lane and pressing base to put it on cooldown and then repeat as the cooldown comes up. This abuses the blink and uses it to travel distances as it nets more distance than just walking.

Keep in mind this is quite a large mana burn and should only be used when having a blue buff or a situation where getting to a location is paramount.

// youpi back

As simple and not so efficient as it seems. It’s huge. Remember how balanced this spell is already ? Well you can remove 3.5s on this CD on use if you want to.

As long as I have more of half my mana pool I’m using it all the time.

Note that the garanted crit lasts for 6 seconds (invisibility canceled or not). You can also use it to improve your clear time (jump over walls) without loosing the benefit from the crit. Espcecially good to know for Tiamat / Hydra Shaco’s (early AD based).

Note : When invading, be sure not to cancel the invisibility too soon when escaping : another laner might come to help getting you and might be waiting in the near brush.

DBC / Drop By Clone

Using ultimate while invisible doesn’t remove stealth.

I’ll get more detail on this technique in the R / Hallucinate page, no need to be redundant.

Animation cancel

Another technique brought by Chinese Jester.

Shaco can buffer skills at the same time as he Qs to save frames.

If Shaco Qs and Ws a location he is within range of at the exact same time both skills will go off then Shaco will have placed his box and retain invisibility for the full duration. This can be done with his E as well.

For example, if I were to hover my cursor over an enemy champion and press Q and E over him at the exact same time then the resulting action would be a shiv hitting the intended target as well as Shaco having gone into his stealth.

One final note about this skill is that if you ultimate while simultaneously Qing sometimes your ult will not form at the location you blinked to, rather it will appear halfway between the origin of the Q and the new location or even sometimes leaving the clone at the original location. For this reason I highly recommend waiting at least half a second before ulting after you Q

// youpi b

Works on W & E, weird stuff on R.

Not hard to do but still need a little practice to use it on the move.

Invisible synergies

This ability can synergize pretty well with abilities attached to champion.

3 examples comes to my mind :

Orianna’s R Shockwave, Zilean’s Q Time bomb, Shen R Ult “A wild Shen appears !”

It allow you to proc them right in the enemy team without them noticing, for devastating results.

Thanks to Calbel.


Various tests around everything I could collect over Shaco in the almighty Internet.

Deceive can make tower aggro bug

If you are under turret aggro, Q Deceive [in range] as the projectile touches you or is about to to drop the aggro [if another target is available]

Yeah it’s common knowledge that if you R Hallucinate while on turret aggro you drop th… WAIT A MINUTE. Deceive, not Hallucinate.

Dis is one of the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. . .

But it’s from Chinese Jester. . .

*testing intensifies*

Aaaaaaaaaand it actually works. Holly mother of sweet mercyfull gods.

Some can say that I was close to the turret range. Well, here’s a crystal clear version.

Update : It was on 4.19. (reported by CG a long time ago) I’ve tried it recently on a normal game and it didn’t seem to work (might red buff ?). Gonna check soon if this is still available on 5.9.

Leaving the words of Chinese Jester, not much too add :

Qing under tower when the tower shot is about to hit you/as it hits you causes the next turret shot to re-aggro.

This means that it can either be dropped back to the first tower shot to reduce damage (as consecutive tower shots do more, resetting it to the first tower shot does less). You can drop the aggro and pass it onto your minions while still being under turret range. You can drop the aggro and pass it onto a teammate to tank while you proceed to dive even though you tanked the turret initially.

Note : This does not work when DOT (damage over time is applied to an enemy champion under turret by you.
Note 2 : This does not work on mid outer turrets on either purple or blue side.

Effective Uses : This can be used to drop aggro and re-apply pressure under tower by continuously diving. This can be used to drop turret aggro and reset it to the first tower shot to decrease damage the turret is doing on you.

// youpi b

Note : Already noticed some weird sh*t with mid 1st turrets when timed properly, it doesn’t reaggro but can cause the next turret shot to delay ~.5sec.

Note :  Gonna take some time to test further (especially in S5), to see if it also drops if you are the nearest target to the tower as it re-aggro, behavior with minions, etc.

No damage in between enemies mid towers

Not really a myth but I’ve come several times to get out of enemy jungle walking in between the first & second mid tower ; or dont’ as I got killed from this last turret shot.

So, It’s sure we can’t walk in between. Can we Q over it ?

Anwser is yes.

Don’t forget to cancel stealth through recall, as the turrets grants true sight anyway. Better get the next Deceive earlier.

Deceive removes slow

From wikia.

Nope, it doesn’t removes slows.

Deceive doesn’t proc Sheen passive on first AA

Straight from SivHD guide if I remember correctly.

Nope, it does proc.



Does Sunfire cape damages reveals you if your stealth (i guess no)

Does summoners spells unstealth you ?

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